Please meet… Oh, right; our harbour porpoise mascot hasn’t got a name yet!

Can you help us? We’re looking forward to hearing your suggestions!


Harbour porpoises are one of the smallest cetaceans. They have a small round head, no beak and a low, wide dorsal fin that is shaped like a triangle. They measure about 1.8 metres and weigh as little as 45 to 70kg (about the height and weight of an average human). You can learn more about these fantastic animals in our species guide.

Simply suggest a worthy name for our little Harbour Porpoise and give a short explanation why you have picked it.
Don’t forget to include your name, age and country in your email.
Send us your name suggestions to
plush_dolphinThe winner will receive a cute plush dolphin!
We will announce the name of the winner in May 2014 here on the website and we will also notify him/her personally by email.



  • Anybody up to 14 years of age can participate in the naming competition
  • The ASCOBANS staff will choose one winning name from all the competition entries.
  • When choosing the winner name, we will be looking for the most interesting and creative name.
  • You can send as many names as you like
  • If we receive multiple entries of the winning name, we will review the date the first submission was entered and award the first person to have suggested it as the winner.
  • Entries close on 12 May 2014

Here is your chance to name our Harbour Porpoise and win a cute plush dolphin! What are you waiting for?