Hi kids, parents and teachers! We are excited to see some whale and dolphin artwork! If you would like your masterpiece to be displayed in our Virtual Sea all you have to do is send us an e-mail. Please read the submission guidelines below in order to avoid any difficulties or delays in having your art displayed.

Guidelines for submission


  • We accept artwork from everyone aged 14 and younger
  • Material may include drawings, short stories, poetry, sculptures, photographs, as well as any other creative artwork work depicting whales, dolphins, porpoises and marine life in general
  • Please send your entries in gif or jpg format
  • Don’t forget to write your name, your age, your country and the title of your artwork
  • In you want, you can also include a short description explaining your artwork  

If you would like your fine art to be displayed in our Virtual Sea, simply send your artwork attached to an email to ascobans@ascobans.org

By submitting any kind of artwork on ASCOBANS Kids, you agree to the following terms:

  • Children: All work must be original and created by you. You must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian in all circumstances before submitting artwork.
  • Parents: By submitting your child’s artwork, you grant permission for their artwork to be reproduced for the purpose of being publicly displayed on ASCOBANS Kids. All images will be reviewed and moderated once submitted and will not be published if not suitable or appropriate.
  • ASCOBANS does not accept any liability for material infringing copyright submitted by third parties. Material suspected of infringing copyright will be removed or not published.

Send us some whale and dolphin art!