Have you ever wondered why we should care about our oceans?

Over 70% of our planet is covered by the ocean and it is home to many amazing creatures, many of which we have yet to discover. Oceans are the most important part of the water cycle, which brings rain to crops and forests all over the world, and drinking water to us. Humans and animals depend upon the oxygen in our air to breathe: most of which comes from tiny floating plants in the oceans. The ocean is filled with natural resources available to us, provides us with millions of jobs and is important to many cultures, myths and legends.

The ocean also influences the weather we experience all over the world! Since the oceans are not only very big but also very deep, they can absorb a lot of the heat and light that comes from the sun. This heat is then distributed through ocean currents and causes different weather around the world. For example, the Gulf Stream which brings warm water past Europe causes Europe to be a lot warmer than parts of Canada, which are on the same latitude.
These currents don’t only influence the weather, but also the food available for many marine animals. If these currents change, because of a rise or drop in their temperature, whales might travel thousands of miles to where they feed only to not find any food, delivered by these currents. Similarly, if the ice in the Polar Regions melts, many animals such as narwhals or beluga whales are in danger of losing their habitat.

You might have thought about all this already. Why not have a look at Threats for some more information?! These dangers are important not only to our whales, dolphins and porpoises, but the entire environment, so it is important that we protect them.